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Fic : Thrown Into Chaos (1/?)

A Boys Over Flower Fanfic
Pairing : So-Eul
Rating : R
Summary :
Being in close contact with So Yi Jung was not Ga Eul's preferred choice, but her perfectly fine vanilla life was thrown into a mess after an assignment meant that she had to start re-evaluating her plan (again).

Added to that a rather unsettling incident, and she had chaos in the making.


Coffee @ 3?
Don’t leave me hanging
Amuse yourself
This is what I get after all we’ve been through?
Call your fiancé
She banned me to call her this week.
That’s because you told her she looked like she had butt implants
It supposed to be a fucking COMPLIMENT!
You need to work on your “compliments”
FFS. Just come here will you! I am BORED!
Can’t. Scheduled Interview.
Call Jae Kyung and tell her she’ll miss me when I die…of BOREDOM!!!


It’s a clear sunny afternoon. Outside the window, the sky was a vast blue sea without even a tiny speck of cloud. From afar, the hustle and bustle of the big city looked almost beautiful in the big frame. But Yi Jung preferred to just stay indoors in his chic summer suit, sitting on his chair in cool air conditioned room of his family museum.

He felt almost content, having just signed a contract to loan a number of his family collections to an American institution for a large donation. He didn’t need the money, but the museum was another story. He decided early on after being elected as the head of the board directors to separate the So museum from the family business. Meaning it had to stand on its own merit, not counting on the large financial help from their strings of resorts or trade profits.

The So museum had been there for generations, making name for the family. He had enjoyed the recognition that came with it. Maybe not so much when he was just started, being a prodigious artist at a very young age. But four years had passed since he came back from Sweden; he felt at last he had matured when he started enjoying the other aspects of his art, his responsibility as the youngest head of the museum, even the family business.
Once upon a time he would never have thought this was within his reach. But here he was now.

‘Your appointment for 3 o’clock is here, Sir,’ his secretary appeared.

‘Won’t be a minute,’ he reached for his cup of coffee before realizing it was already empty. With a sigh he pushed himself from his chair. This interview better finished early so he could spend the better part of his Friday out with his best friend the mafia boss and his fiancée. They promised to show him their new living pad. Secretly he hoped he’d find a certain someone there. But he knew the possibility to that was always almost zero.

Not everything in his life was according to plan.


Chu Ga Eul was having a bad day, heck, a bad week even. She counted her misfortunes as she walked behind the rather chirpy intern showing her where to go.

First, it was Monday when her car decided to break down. She took it to the nearest garage from her house only to be told that it won’t be ready until the next week. The following day her skirt caught a protruded nail on somebody’s fence as she walked in a hurry from the station to the office. It was rather embarrassing too, since her 4 inch heels then caught a hole on the road as she struggled to free herself from the offending nail. Luckily it wasn’t that far from the office and she managed to run quickly away from the laughing middle schoolers who witnessed the whole ordeal. But no, of course, it wasn’t even the worst thing happened to her.
Jung So-In, her boss, whom everyone (except her) called dragon lady behind her back, asked her to come to the chief editor office. It was late afternoon on Tuesday and everyone was getting ready to brace the rush hour.

‘I heard you’re good friends with So Yi Jung and his group of friends’, she launched straight to business.
‘I am? I mean, I used to, I guess, a long time ago’ Ga Eul almost stuttered as she watched her boss’ face transformed into a smile.
‘Good! I have an assignment for you!’
‘What? No!’

She almost hit the intern then as they stopped outside the door marked as the meeting room. Quietly she followed her guide entering the minimalist but large room with long oak table at the centre and a couple of plush couches on the corner.

‘You can sit down here while waiting, Miss,’ she indicated on of the couches and left her alone with her thoughts.

‘I want a feature on So Yi Jung for our next month installment,’ her boss had stated. ‘And please, not the run of the mill fluffy material to fill the gossip column.’ She held a finger when Ga Eul tried to speak. ‘Yes, I know, he’s almost a regular staple for those women’s magazine, I want you to dig deeper. The man behind the mask, if you will.’ She stopped a little to retrieve the folder on her desk, ‘You know the So museum is going to celebrate its hundredth this year right? That’s why we’re making him our main feature.’

Right. Of course. What a mess. She sighed again deeply and opened her folder. She had three days to do the research before today’s interview, but really, what was it about him that’s written on the paper that she didn’t know already. Her reading material about the man only reminded her about the past, the longing, the pining over someone she knew deep in her heart would never return her affection. It frankly made her a little bit depressed. And she thought she had gotten it over with.

She obviously had not.

And now it was almost time to meet the devil, so to speak. She couldn’t even manage to eat her lunch out of the nerves played havoc in her stomach. If only So Yi Jung had been less than a perfect male specimen, her eyes glazed over briefly thinking about those magazine pages of him at the beach taken by some paparazzi before she shook her head in despair and laughed at her own misery.

Damn you So Yi Jung.

(to be cont.)